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July 16, 2019

Hi, I'm Mary Beth.
I'm Mary Beth and I'm so happy you're here. This blog is a journal to share my photography, with a sprinkling of my life and favorite recipes.
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Q:  Who are you and what do you do?  What services do you provide?

A:  I am Dana Turner, owner of Dolce Delights by Dana. I am a custom baker in North Augusta, SC and I create custom cakes that bring my client’s visions to life.  I love tailoring my client’s cake to the experience or event that they are planning.  We brainstorm and discuss inspiration, photos, and ideas and bring it all together to create the exact look and feel.  I work with a local partner who creates my custom cake toppers and I believe there is no idea too crazy to try!

I make all of the southern staple cakes as well! Everything from Red Velvet, Carrot, Italian Crème, Hummingbird, German Chocolate, or Coconut Cake is ready to order with me. I use all of my grandmother’s recipes which makes all of my cakes original, unique and flavorful.

I’m also known as the “oatmeal crème pie lady” which is the staple sweet that got my business started, and I make some famous homemade banana pudding that is a fan favorite.

Everything is custom ordered except oatmeal crème pies because they are so popular I have to keep them in stock!


Q:  You partner with Mary Beth Photography…how do you partner?

A:  I help Mary Beth with all of her smash cakes for smash cake sessions.  Mary Beth plans the theme with the client and then I work in conjunction with her to create the cake that is just the right look for the session.

Mary Beth loves to pamper her clients and create a one of a kind unique experience when debuting a client’s portrait session.  She serves my oatmeal crème pies at each session premiere giving her clients something to look forward to indulge in as they view their gallery of images.


Q:  What is it like partnering with Mary Beth?  Two creatives coming together, what’s that like?

A:  A million different text messages lol.  Everything flows very easily.  We are both pretty laid back and creative in our own ways and we bounce ideas off of each other going back and forth until we get it just right.

I love brainstorming each session with Mary Beth, she is so incredibly creative! She can know what she wants and be open to different ideas as well.  We inspire each other and our personalities complement one another. It’s so easy to get along with Mary Beth! She has a calm, nurturing spirit and I have even nicknamed her the “baby whisperer” after watching her in action!


Q:  What is your ONE favorite aspect of working with Mary Beth?

A:  Mary Beth has amazing ideas!  She is super creative, but also allows her partners like me or Karrie Lykins, makeup artist, to do what we are good at; it’s more guidance than being stringent; she opens the doors for us to do the best of what we do.

I love the way Mary Beth customizes everything for her clients!  Everything is a tailored experience.  She really takes the time to pamper her clients, deliver what the client envisioned, and always goes above and beyond.


Q:  What do you love the most about the creative process?

A:  I love creating the perfect smash cake for Mary Beth’s sessions.  The customization of the cake and cake topper is a beautiful creation all by themselves, but when added to the set that Mary Beth creates for her clients it’s amazing watching my creation become a part of a much bigger vision.

Watching all of those details come together to achieve the client’s vision is what I love the most and Mary Beth does a great job organizing all of those pieces to create the perfect custom set for each portrait session.


Q:  What would you say to someone considering working with Mary Beth?

A:  She is the BEST as what she does!  She’s calm, nurturing and great with babies and kids.  Working with Mary Beth is not a one size fits all experience.  She tailors each experience to the client.  You don’t find service like that many places these days!


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I'm Mary Beth and I'm so happy you're here. This blog is a journal to share my photography, with a sprinkling of my life and  favorite recipes.

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